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Sweet Truth Visual Novel Demo


Sherly and Watson were playing detective one night. Trying to find out if the legendary killer known as the Midnight Snatcher existed. A serial killer who abducted children at night if they were naughty. Unfortunately for Watson he was one of the kids who got kidnapped that night. However, he survived. The other seven kids were killed that night. This is known as the Midnight Massacre. Thanks to his childhood friend Sherly, the Police we able to find him and the dead body of the Midnight Snatcher. Years have passed and Sherly is a renown detective and  with Watson as her sidekick.



A visual novel game with suspenseful minigames and choices. Where the choices you make determines who the true criminal is! You, the player suffers a psychosamatic disorder because of the trama received from the Midnight Massacre. During stressful times the main character begins to lose consciousness. Keep pressing the button to stay awake! Especially while searching for clues and solving problems!

Demo Features

40 000+ words, 2 hours gameplay2 routes for the first crime

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, macOS High Sierra (macOS Mojave)
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 500 MB available disk space


Creator, Writer, Programmer - Melvin Torres
Sprites, Background, CG artist - Melvin Torres
Gui - Melvin Torres
Main Editor - Hazel Aduna
Proof Readers - Adam Collins and Ashley Lavador
Opening animation - Ashley Lavador


Most of the music for the demo is Royalty free music but after the kickstarter I want Jaimel Nucom and Aaron Bartel to make an original sound track for the game. They have already made some of the tracks for the game, that you can find in the demo. For the finished game I will not be using Royalty free music.

Royalty Free Music:

by Eric Matyas

The rest of the BGM
Free BGM / Music material MusMus http://musmus.main.jp/

Opening theme
Saikai no Yakusoku
Vocal: Kuyuri( http://softish.chobi.net/ )
Words: Shiromesa ( https://twitter.com/shiromesa )
Music: Souichi Sakagami ( http://www.tandess.com/en/music/ ) / Mokine ( http://chloro2236.blog.fc2.com/ )

https://www.tandess.com/en/music/free-m ... erial.html

They are also credited in the demo.

Sound effects

by Eric Matyas

The rest of the sound source was borrowed from Oto Logic (CC BY 4.0)

They are also credited in the demo.

Social Media

Follow us on Instragram https://www.instagram.com/sweettruth_vn
Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/sweettruth_vn
Follow the Artist Instagram https://www.instagram.com/burningtamashii


8-24-19 - Fixed Loop error If you pick Mrs.dumpty after Mr.grimes  during interview.


Sweet Truth Visual Novel-win.zip 381 MB
Sweet Truth Visual Novel-mac.zip 380 MB

Development log


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What a great demo! I especially liked the animations, but really, everything about this has a lot of charm and a metric ton of style. Very fun experience - would highly recommend


I've played the demo, and this looks interesting! The "culprit" of the demo case (I won't spoil which suspect it is) was enough of a jerk that taking them down was very satisfying.

The main character's nickname being Watson is also intriguing, both because he provides the final hint to prove Sherly's case, but also because this protagonist may have a larger role than most Watsons in fiction usually do, given "a certain something that happens at the end of the demo", I won't spoil what.

I'm sold! When you release the Kickstarter for this, I'll pledge to this project.


Thank you for playing! I'll keep you posted on the kickstarter and more on the developement! XD


You're welcome, I look forward to seeing it on Kickstarter.